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E-Commerce Marketing

Converting Clicks Into Customers.

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E-Commerce Marketing

Converting Clicks Into Customers.

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E-Commerce Marketing Done For You

GuruGrain drives customers to your online store using e-commerce marketing strategies with Google and Facebook ads.

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Paid Search and Paid Social

E-Commerce businesses benefit greatly from effective digital advertising. Your customers are currently searching on Google and browsing Facebook throughout the day. Serve them with relevant digital ads on these platforms to ensure you provide an answer.

Mobile Ads On The Go

Mobile ads are growing rapidly each year. Your ideal customers spend 19% of their mobile use on Facebook and 48% start on search engines such as Google to research before the intent to purchase. Reach your target audience on the go when their mobile phones are in hand.

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The Right Campaign Objective

Digital advertising is most effective when an optimized sales funnel is in place. Targeting cold audiences is best to build brand awareness, warm audiences are best suited for retargeting with small offers, while hot audiences are primed for core offer sales and conversions.

Get Results For Your Business

GuruGrain helped me draw a steady stream of visitors to my relatively new store. His strong experience and background in facebook marketing were evident in the way he guided me in building my first sales funnel and getting concrete results. It was a pleasure working with and learning from him and I hope to continue to do so!

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